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Meet our users

Our buildings are not just office blocks, they are spaces where people come together to work, create, share and enjoy life. The purpose of Urban Quest is to find ways to enhance the experience of the people within the building space. Like you, our users are unique individuals who face a range of challenges on a daily basis. We hope to solve these challenges by seeking the most interesting solutions among the Start-up community to really shape the future of office buildings.






People who use different ways to commute and work in the building on a daily basis. Colleagues who enjoy working, relaxing and socialising with other people both within and external from the building space.


Corporates, start-ups, receptionists, security, facility, operators, commuters.


  • Feeling connected to the building space and to their colleagues.
  • Feeling connected to the outside world.
  • Having a personal experience in the building and surrounding space.
  • Being healthy in a deskbound work environmentdeskbound work environment.
  • Choosing the best commute option cure in themselves and their Feeling safe and secure in themselves and their posessions posessions posessions.
  • Feeling safe and secure in themselves and their posessions.


People who are new to the building space and surrounding environment. Visitors can be passing through or may need to have access to different areas or require integration with the building. People who often have set times of arrival and departure.


Delivery drivers, interviewees, meeting attendees, clients, business partners.


  • Preventing the feeling of anxiety of being in an unfamiliar space.
  • Access to and from building and within the building space upon arrival.
  • Communicating with office or people being met.
  • Feeling welcome and safe despite the unfamiliar environment.


People who suffer conscious and unconscious physical or mental disabilities that suffer conscious and unconscious physical or mental disabilities that suffer conscious and unconscious exclusion from society.


Wheelchair bound, deaf, blind, learning difficulties, mental health issues.


  • Free movement in and around the building space and surrounding area for open space and initial access.
  • Connecting to others and be able to ask for assistance and guidance from to others.
  • Ask for a level of help without feeling intimidated or an annoyance to others.


Individuals or groups who share an open plan working area and often interact with other colleagues or companies as part of their daily activities. Teams can be located together or scattered throughout the office space.


Sole operators, small businesses, company departments in shared tenancy.


  • Distractions from people talking, brainstorming talking, brainstorming talking, brainstorming sessions to music - Choosing a "zone" best suited to the workstyle or noise levels.
  • Varied social expectations while working close to other people i.e. interrupting someone’s workflow or overstepping boundaries.
  • Security to leave valuable belongings unattended in a coworking space.
  • Utilization of space to optimize floor layout and personal comfort.

The Journey Begins

The 2017 edition of Urban Quest will be carried out in 3 rounds launching in March, June and September. Our vision is for Urban Quest to be an ongoing journey which grows every year to face the every evolving challenges of our users. Round 1 – Be involved at the start of the Journey.

We are exciting to start this new venture and want to shout about it! What better way to share our new venture than at the European Start-up Days. The Top 3 contestants from Round 1 will present their solutions at the European Start-up Days from which the winning solution will be selected and announced by the judging panel.



European Start-up Days
1st round winner announced
in Katowice, 11 May






There is no better investment than invesing in ourselves

with experts

from Skanska
and Business Link
to develop the final
version of the product

3 months

with Business Link


of the solution in
Skanska Property
office buildings

The Winner of the contest will be chosen
by Business Link's and SKANSKA's
representatives at the Business Mixer special event, during which contestants will present their projects.

Applications for Round 2 will open June 2017.

The participants will be informed by e-mail about the final decision whether their
projects qualify to the next stage or not.


Filling the form by the contestants at:


Evaluation of the applications by Idea Evaluation Comitee. Qualification of Top 5 to the next stage.


Top 5 will receive product and business mentoring from Business Link and Skanska experts.


The Top 5 will present at the Business Mixer where the winner will be selected by the judging panel.

Application form

European Start-up Days 1st round winner will be announced in Katowice 11th May

Applications for Round 2 will open June 2017.

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